One Response to “Deleuzian”

  1. […] The disturbing thing about the egg is that you won’t know what’s inside until it hatches.  In the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, the egg is the perfect symbol of the Body without Organs.  My super compressed definition of a BwO would be: the body in all its potential (think about everything your body could do, everything it could become).  Viewed one way, the egg never hatches (Nanami can keep transforming, the potential is always there); viewed another way, it’s always already hatched (Nanami is a girl, a cowgirl, a bird, a lion, anything, but always something).  The Wikipedia entry on this concept is nice and short [here], and Ha Neul Seom has a a great post on it too, the last of the articles on his Deleuzian page [here]. […]

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