A notice of short hiatus first because, well, I feel like catching up on some series without editing something in between. I’m thinking about three months long break, hopefully not longer. I still have quite a number of rough drafts (more like collected notes I’ve taken in the past) on my other favourite titles but those will have to wait. I plan to marathon Casshern Sins, finish the rest of Legend of The Galactic Heroes, follow few shows from this season, and catch up on few selections from my ever-growing-backlog. If you are a newcomer, feel free to browse through and comment on previous entries at leisure. If you have been following this blog, all I ask of you is to keep me in your feedburner ^^

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yes this is very relevant

Yes the picture is very relevant

#1 Director Akitaro Daichi‘s new television series Yume wo Kanaeru Zou (The Dream-Granting Elephan) has already aired its first episode on January 13th. If the name Akitaro Daichi doesn’t ring a bell, he directed Fruits Basket, Bokura Ga Ita, and Now and Then Here and There. Enough said. Why is no one talking about this. Why isn’t it even listed at ANN database? I guess I shouldn’t be expecting subs any time soon.

#2 So I hear Crunchyroll will air the epic classic Galaxy Express 999 on weekly basis for free. Good news? That depends. As for me,

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