“[…]the predilection for stringing together unpredictable compositions in a way that some might say distracts from the story but to me enhances it.[…]the locus of excitment in [Shinbo’s] directing is the space between the shots and the compositions.[…]” – Ben at Anipages Daily


Why am I still watching Maria†Holic? Is it the comedy? Kinky premise? The guitar maid? Ever since falling in love with the brilliance that was Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, I always wanted to at some point explore Akiyuki Shinbo‘s visceral style of direction, which definitely carries over to Maria†Holic. So here it is! I first want to go over what Deleuze called “irrational cut”, and hopefully I can relate that to appreciating the genius of Akiyuki Shinbo in a different light. Feel free to skip the below paragraph if you don’t feel like too much reading.

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