It is precisely because opinions are functions of lived experience that they claim to have a certain knowledge of emotions. Opinions prevail on human passions and their eternity. But one has the impresion that opinion misjudges emotional states and groups them together or spearates them wrongly...a great novelist is above all an artist who can show us a world of new sensations outside our lived experience in the becoming of his characters. - Deleuze

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code geass

Wabisabi once wrote about the words kouha (hard) and nanpa (soft) and their usage in anime fandom. The idea was that kouha refers to hard-hitting minor and difficult works like Ghost in the Shell, while nanpa refers to popular and easily accessible works like erogame adaptations for softies. Personally, I don’t find this elitist distinction very interesting. Although I’m not about to re-define what kouha and nanpa actually means, I do want to share with you the sort of anime I personally associate with when it comes to hard and soft.

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