[Off-topic]Ranking the Characters of the Legend of Galactic Heroes

August 7, 2010

I'm not made of numbers...

I think this post will prove too nerdy for some but o well, more LoGH can never hurt. When I first finished watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes long time ago, I just had to find my old copy of Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms 5 strategy game and play it. The game is classic (in east anyway, sadly no english patch is available) but I had this incredible urge to edit my elite team of generals and advisers from LoGH and rule the galax…I mean three kingdoms. In this game, you as a ruler gives position to your staffs that best suits their stats, so that they can peform to their best when they battle/do politics. For example, below picture is the stats of Zhang Fei from RoTK.

This proved awesome because I always wanted to assign numerical values to various attributes of LoGH characters and sort of rank them. So someone like Schenkopp would have high strength and intelligence would mostly be determined by military strategies and tactics. Politics would be administrative skills, and things like hazards prevention (Reuntal), improving traffic/pollution/economics (things that make Phezzan the ‘best’ city), etc. Of course I’m generalising these attributes but that is the nature of this game. Charm would be your charisma and ability to bring people over to your side and make them loyal (obviously Reinhard). So below is a list of characters I made before (yep no english patch means…no english).

The names are in Korean but you might still be able to guess who they are judging by their stats, although it’d be pretty damn incredible if you can get them all correct. I’ll give out the names later.


9 Responses to “[Off-topic]Ranking the Characters of the Legend of Galactic Heroes”

  1. vucubcaquix Says:

    That does look pretty hot…

    I’m a sucker for SNES/Genesis era games since that’s when I came of age.

  2. gaguri Says:

    See above pictures for english names

  3. kadian1364 Says:

    Wait, you rated Kircheis weaker than Oberstein?! I demand a recount. OK here goes my team…
    Mittermeyer: 84, 96, 89, 90

    Reuenthal: 82, 98, 95, 84

    Poplan: 90, 61, 40, 69(of course)

    Bittenfeld: 85, 84, 43, 74, and a hidden RAEG meter

    Truniht: 33, 80, 100, 93

    Mecklinger: 63, 86, 79, 74, and a hidden ‘stache meter

    And finally
    Julian: 86, 100, 94, 83

    It’s fun to speculate statistical numbers like its some strategy RPG but the real talent of someone like Reinhard or Oberstein is being able to properly evaluate someone’s abilities without having a HUD right in front of them.

  4. gaguri Says:

    yay my post wasn’t a total fail =D

    well I just didn’t see much of Kirchei’s political skills, I guess 80 was maybe bit low I’m willing to give him upto bit lower than 90.

    And I find your hidden RAEG meter in Bittenfield extremely interesting because, well, there ARE hidden stats in this game that makes it more complex than these stats say! For example, there are ‘bravery’ stats that makes u inflict more damage if you choose to ‘charge’ into enemies (like Bittenfield), and if your army has fought for long and is united (and not mixed with another recruited armies) then your morale is higher and perform better (like Bittenfield’s Black Panther battalion). And battle experience can make you give higher positions (so they can command more army) and learn special abilities and skills (like Alex’s logistics and Mittenmeyer’s HASTE) so they can fight better (which makes experienced generals like Bucock much more valuable than young Menci). So even though Bittenfield may look completely useless in stats (I would give him something like 85, 20, 30, 80 xD), he has lots of things going for him in these kinds of games.

    Among these hidden stats include things like ‘ambition’, where no matter how much gold and promotions you give someone like Reinhard, he just has too much ambition and at the first opportunity he will rebel and form his own army (so hard to keep people like reunthal under your wing). These stats are built into the game and are hidden from the players, so if you know the history of Romance of the Three Kingdoms really well, you are likely to play better =D

    It’s an amazing game for those into RoTK and strategy games but unfortunately no english translation is available, and from what I can see its sequels are putting more emphasis on graphics/useless additions (I think 11 is available english? not sure).

  5. Jack Says:

    LOGH is never off topic. Not that I can read Korean…

    “well I just didn’t see much of Kirchei’s political skills, I guess 80 was maybe bit low I’m willing to give him upto bit lower than 90.”

    Sounds like someone hasn’t closely examined LOGH : Gaiden.

  6. gaguri Says:

    haha o lord I thought I already graduated LoGH with 110 episodes now I’ve got to take postgraduate Gaiden degree. Haven’t read anything on it yet but I guess it’s worth it if it’s anything like the original series!

  7. Jack Says:

    Well LOGH:Gaiden comes in two sections.

    Firstly there’s the “A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights” storyline. This is all I have seen so far, but it’s basically the “Adventures of Young Reinhard and Kircheis” for 24 episodes.

    Which is awesome.

    I haven’t seen the second part – Spiral Labyrinth – but apparently it’s the “boring” story of young Yang. I’ll have to see this for myself, eventually.

  8. gaguri Says:

    Ah ok, thanks for the tips~

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