Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short

March 9, 2010

If you were wondering what kind of masterpiece (!) managed to grab this year’s Oscar for Best Animated Shorts category, it’s the kind that have Ronald McDonald madly working his assault rifle on fat Michelin Tyre Guys outside Pizza Hut restaurant. Bit unexpected I should say. Nevertheless, although lacking the excellent artistry and writing of La Maison en Petite Cubes (which won last year’s Best Animated Shorts), Logorama directed by H5 Studio still won the heart of both critics and audience through sheer fun and creativity. In fact, the french directors deliberately avoided trying to make a pretentious artsy french film, and instead opted for a mini-blockbuster action movie that can be enjoyed by all. So, what did I think of Logorama?

If there’s one thing the movie can be praised for, it’s its ability to have fun. You have over 2000 different logos that anyone can instantly recognise, which are then turned into characters, objects and settings that make up this bizarre (and yet familiar) universe. For example, iconic characters like Ronald Macdonald and Tyre Guys are layered with archetypical personalities, such as psychopath murderer/fat police guys, which makes the act of watching these recognisable characters more refreshing. Design – H5 Studio used to be a graphic design studio that worked on many album covers, so it was really neat to see great sense of form and colour when integrating these different logo images, such as KFC and MTV studio buildings, together into one landscape. Apparently this 15 minute project took 6 years to make. Although the idea of setting up a world made entirely out of corporate logos may seem crazy at first, it’s almost scary to find our real world to be not so different…

Honestly though, as much I as enjoyed it, I wasn’t impressed as nearly as much as others did. I don’t really get why one would consider this Tarantino-esque, or Pulp Fiction-like. Yes it has crude violence and dialogues, but that there are so much to Tarantino’s aesthetics than “oh this d*ck better be alive” or “oh f*ck, sh*t is going down”. I also think the characters could have used more quirky personality as opposed to generic ones. Nothing too ground-breaking on visual front either, so this really was not my ideal Oscar-worthy short, but perhaps its competition wasn’t anything much better (French Roast I liked more, but wouldn’t say it’s better). But hey, this is only 15 minutes long, why not just enjoy the crazy fun?

What I do want to recommend however, is to check out these oscar-related animated works that I wrote about in this blog:

The Secret of Kells – nominated for Best Animated Film

Waltz with Bashir – nominated for Best Animated Film, last year

La Maison en Petite Cubes – won Best Animated Short, last year


7 Responses to “Logorama Wins Oscar for Best Animated Short”

  1. albaper Says:

    I wasn’t aware of this animated short and it’s definitely good. However I got scared of the quantity of brands I recognize that are deep in my subconscious! It’s strange when you realize that you know a certain symbol without really remembering the name of the brand or what they produce…
    By the way, I’d also recommend The Secret of Kells.

  2. redmaigo Says:

    I did not get Tarantino vibes when I watched Logorama. What I got was a trashy caricature of 20th century American culture using corporate logos and bad Hollywood action tropes.

    In other words, this was truly bliss!

  3. gaguri Says:

    @albaper, redmaigo

    exactly my thoughts. well, maybe it wasn’t ‘truly bliss’.

  4. Shadowmage Says:

    This was oddly amusing but it really left no long term impression on me whatsoever. I’ll praise how well all the logos fit naturally into every scene and I must admit it was fun while it lasted, but there was nothing more to it than that.

  5. gaguri Says:

    Very much agreed. Try watching La Maison en Petite Cubes for a more lasting impact.

  6. Canne Says:

    The director’s speech when he received the Oscar was funny. He thanked all the big brands for their unofficial support and said that he’d come up with new project in 36 years.

  7. gaguri Says:

    yea that was made of win.

    speaking of which, you should also see this speech for last year’s oscar for same category too. “thank you my pencil, arigato mr roberto”.

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