[Off-topic] Cheering for Yu-na Kim on her 2009-2010 Season

November 15, 2009

I probably shouldn’t be posting so much topics unrelated to animation but oh well. There’s so much to say about her, but I’ll just say that she’s the number one figure skater in the world, she’s absolutely beautiful, and her performances really speak to audience and judges. Now that she has overcome injuries that haunted her for three years, her skating is just so good she literally has no competition. Her choreographer once said that, he wishes Kim Yu-na to captivate more people around the world to get into the world of figure-skating, and I hope so too. Good luck to her on the Grand Prix finals, not like she needs it though.


Yu-na Kim, the sexy Bond Girl. Breaking the world record (which she set herself in world championship) today.


Yu-na Kim’s beaaauuuutiful exhibition piece, skating to Mandy Moore’s Only Hope. Blissful to watch.


Oh she’s just so omochikairi!


Her sexy exhibition program for 2009-2010 season.


Yu-na Kim, the dancer in trance. Breaking the world record.


Yu-na Kim, the exotic tango dancer. Breaking the world record.


These are her two free skate programs, one for 2009-2010 season and the other for 2008-2009. Made mistakes in both programs, but still broke world records both…they’re longer performances though.


Amazing animation of Kim Yu-na’s skating


Incredible MAD of Sayonara Kim Yu-na Sensei


Ok I’ll just stop here before I scare people more.


3 Responses to “[Off-topic] Cheering for Yu-na Kim on her 2009-2010 Season”

  1. Kitsune Says:

    Ah… I used to follow ice skating… but many people quit, and I rarely watch it now…

    Very nice animation 🙂 It reminded me of that artist from Winter Days 🙂

    hahaha That’s another confirmation that you can mix almost anything into SZS OP 😛

  2. gaguri Says:

    Good call with Winter Days, you’re probably one of very few people I know who can draw that parallel =D

    And did I jinx Kim Yu-na with this post…she just screwed up her second performance of Skate America…o god…


  3. usagijen Says:

    *pats gaguri* she must’ve coughed or sneezed a little when you talked about her, but I’m sure she’ll feel honored to have been mentioned in your blog 😛

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