Introducing a Crazy Korean Action Comedy Animation, Aachi wa Ssipak (아치와 씨팍)

November 12, 2009



In a world not unlike our own, conventional energy sources have ran out and the global economy collapsed, only to be rebuilt again around a daring new energy source: human sh*t. By taking good dumps and supplying society with valuable energy source like a good citizen, people are rewarded an addictive drug-like popsicle called ‘Juicy Bar’. Juicy Bars of course, have mutated those addicted into blue, tiny, stupid mutants who can’t shit or get an erection. These mutants have taken refuge underground under the leadership of “Diaper King”, who meets an avant-garde porn director and discovers a way to exploit the glitch in the human feces system: making a ‘blessed anus’ that can produce insurmountable amount of sh*t, consequently landing them countless Juicy Bars to be sold in black market. But by chance, this blessed anus falls into the hands of two worthless hooligans, Aachi and Ssipak. Can they elude the terrifyig forces of police, mafia and terrorists and make it big with this illegal anus?

– Summary

Just in case the crazy summary and trailer didn’t get your attention, I’d say this is one mindless entertainment that no action junkies should miss. The visuals aren’t quite as erratic as Dead Leaves (then again, nothing really is) but still very well choregraphed with sweeping camera angles. Despite its premise, the writing is actually quite smart and the way different factions (from police, mafia, terrorists, Aachi and Ssipak) interweaves with each other hooks you from start to finish. One should be cautious when approaching this movie however, as it’s supersaturated with sex and toilet humour. Still, give this one a try if you’re looking for one animation that isn’t afraid to get down dirty and fun.


3 Responses to “Introducing a Crazy Korean Action Comedy Animation, Aachi wa Ssipak (아치와 씨팍)”

  1. schneider Says:

    Animation about butts and crapping :O

    I’m getting some sort of a Basquash vibe from the eyecandy. Worth a look, I guess.

  2. It’s quite possibly the most batshit crazy anime out there.

    The Dead Leaves allusion is a good one, too. I’ve actually used it myself before to sell a friend on the movie. But really, when the tagline is essentially “crapping and killing”, as Schneider so succinctly put it, there’s reason enough to watch it. Lowbrow action-comedy can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered.

    It also got me thinking what other Korean anime I’ve seen. Hell, it could very well be the ONLY Korean anime I’ve ever seen…

  3. gaguri Says:


    Definitely worth a look imo!


    Not as visually crazy, but definitely one of the most batshit crazy (in lowbrow fun way) animation one is likely to watch, yea.

    There really isn’t much other Korean animations to watch, I’ve watched several myself but only ones I really want to recommend are this, Mari Iyagi, Oseam, which I’ve already talked about in this blog before (and Oseam and Iyagi being very ‘calm’ shall we say…). There are titles like Wonderful Days and Yobi that some people likes (and more mainstream and well known), but in my eyes they aren’t all that great, and wouldn’t really recommend them.

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