[Off-topic]Pictures and Videos of Kim Ki-Duk

November 4, 2009

Birdcage Inn1(1)

My all time favourite Korean director. A man who makes silence sing. Once a painter, now a filmmaker, usings his former skills to infuse each frame with magic. To watch his movies not to be entertained or thrilled, but to be disgusted, and also to find beauty. Never afraid to be controversial and making films for crocodiles crawling at the bottom of society. 95% of people will hate him, but the rest will love him. Maybe in future I will talk about him at length. For now, some pictures, trailers, as well as few words for a number of his movies that I want to recommend, for those interested in art-house Asian cinema.


The Isle


“The audiences at Sundance are hardened and sophisticated, but when the film played there in 2001, there were gasps and walk-outs. People covered their eyes, peeked out, and slammed their palms back again. I report that because I want you to know: This is the most gruesome and quease-inducing film you are likely to have seen. You may not even want to read the descriptions in this review. Yet it is also beautiful, angry and sad, with a curious sick poetry. It is not about fishhooks and sex at all. It is a cry of pain.” – Roger Ebert




An empty house, that is me

Waiting for the key that sets me free


Bad Guy

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Samaritan Girl


The Bow


To make you feel for an old man who raised a little girl only to marry her when she’s ‘ripe’. And for her who accepts him despite his selfish desires. Strength and beautiful sound like in a tautness of a bow…I want to live like this until the day I die.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring





If we breathe in hatred, we breathe out forgiveness.

If we breathe in spite, we breathe out understanding.

If we breathe in jealousy, we breathe out love.

We can not help but breathe, until we breathe no more.



9 Responses to “[Off-topic]Pictures and Videos of Kim Ki-Duk”

  1. bateszi Says:

    I’ve only seen Kim Ki-Duk’s 3 Iron, but it was definitely very good, and very quiet! I’m hoping to see more of his films, with “Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter… and Spring” up next (I hope it’s not too sad/melancholy!)

    Anyway, I’ve recently decided that my favourite Korean director is Joon-ho Bong! Mother is another simply immense film (well deserving of all the praise it’s getting at the moment), while Memories of Murder might well be my favourite Korean film bar none!

  2. gaguri Says:

    I often hear from people that 3 Iron is their fav of Kim Ki-duk’s, for a good reason too. Spring,s,a,w…s is considered by many critics as his masterpiece. Even though I love most of Kim’s movies, I find them flawed and not so polished in many ways, especially in terms of writing, but I dare say this is his most solid work, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It’s a film that I feel stays genuine to Buddhism, it’s extremely meditative though, so you might want to watch it when you’re not too tired, haha. If you liked those two, then you might want to try ‘The Bow’ next, as that’s quiet ‘calm’ as well. Although the subject matter might not suit your taste (old man wanting a little girl).

    And those three are the only ‘calm’ works by Kim Ki-duk, and the rest are very violent and gruesome in some way. If you still want to give them a try, I recommend starting with ‘The Isle’. Like Ebert said, it will probably going to be the most violent, masochistic and wtf-inducing movie you’re likely to watch. But if you’ve found something worthy beneath the violence, then you can then try out something like Bad Guy.

    And ah, Bong Joon-ho, another brilliant director. Memories of Murder and Host are Tarantino’s one of favourite films actually, and I recommend Host too. It’s simply the most realistic and intelligent ‘monster movie’ (i.e. godzilla) you are likely to see. There’s a funny story about Host, in that its Korean title actually translates to ‘Monster’. And there was a marketing rumour that spread widely in internet, about how it was about ‘monster’ inside us. Of course, it was actually about REAL monster that’s eating people alive, and that got more people to come and watch. Anyway, very fun (yet still don’t insult our intellgience), although it gets bit melodramatic at the end (stays true to Korean aesthetics…in a very bad way…).

    Mmmm maybe I should’ve made another post on Bong.

  3. 2DT Says:

    I went through a Korean film phase in high school, during which I watched SSFWaS. Or rather, I really really tried to… You’re right about needing to be wide awake.

    I’ll give his films another try, though. If nothing else, that picture for Binjip is brilliant.

  4. gaguri Says:

    Take few cups of strong macchiato and you’ll do fine. And yes, that sure is beautiful picture…almost like a painting.

  5. Flash Sword Irene Says:

    I remember you mentioning this director in a thread over on NHRV’s forums sometime ago. It is always nice to have a breath of fresh air with some unconventional films since most of the more mainstream and “popular” stuff is just bleh. At the sametime, this actually reminds me of so many films that were banned in China (creators included at times) for the content in works like those.

    For the most part, I have not watched a lot of Korean cinema since most of it just does not interest me. The only Korean film I think I have on DVD is Musa, which was a big budget film featuring Chinese star Zhang Ziyi from sometime ago. Still, this does look like a good spring board of appreciation to vault me back into watching some more Korean films. The amount I have watched alone is paper thin, and the ones that were memorable at all are even thinner.

  6. gaguri Says:

    Dude it’s not just ‘most Korean cinema’, most cinema in general just suck and won’t interest you! Korea produced some of the most exciting and artistic films one will see.

    I don’t know if I want to indulge you right into Kim Ki-duk, because even for minor fans his works can put you off. I’d personally recommend you to start with movies like, hmm..’Oldboy, Memories of Murder, My Sassy Girl, Save the Green Planet!, Friend, Silmido, Tale of Two Sisters’. They separate themselves from the generic but still appeal to wide range of audience. I think they will serve as a far better list for you to kick off your Korean movie spree!

    *I enjoyed Musa a great deal as well. Some minor flaws, but overall very good, I especially loved that guy’s spear fighting. Reminds you of seirei no moribito doesn’t it.

  7. Kitsune Says:

    I recall you mentioned this director before.

    I’ll check out Binjip ( you posted that clip previously and I just loved the song 🙂 ) and that season film due to wonderful scenery 🙂

    You just keep expanding my watch list!

  8. Flash Sword Irene Says:

    Yeah, I have definitely heard of My Sassy Girl since that movie has spawned countless imitators ad nauseum. Memories of Murder is more then likely to start off my spree since romantic comedies are a real turn off for me. (Mostly due to the imbalance). Still, I think my experience with an off-beat pioneer like Wong Kar Wai since the 1990’s should serve me well with Kim Ki Duk. Even viewing the works of someone like Zhang Yimou (pre-Hero) should do the same, despite a difference in style.

    *Yeah, the spear fighting in Musa was pretty damn awesome to watch since it is like a pre-cursor to Seirei. Actually, I have seen that same actor in some Chinese films like Chen Kaige’s The Promise, where he kicks a good amount of ass too.

  9. gaguri Says:


    I mention this director all the time =D

    Do check out binjip and spring/summer/fall/winter. And if you’re interested, that song is called ‘Gafsa’ by natacha atla, one of my favourite songs.

    @Flash Sword Irene

    Oww but you should still try My Sassy Girl, it may remind you of Haruhi-Kyon chemistry. But I have nothing against the idea of kicking off with Memories of Murder, a fantastic film that is.

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