2009 Best Moe Tournament (Korea) HD Opening

August 16, 2009


10 Responses to “2009 Best Moe Tournament (Korea) HD Opening”

  1. vendredi Says:

    I’m at a loss for words; not so much at the idea of a “most moe character” online poll, but rather the fact that a video has been made for it, and moreover in a similar style/tradition that one tends to see more in fighting games (or weird crossover titles like Super Robot Wars, I suppose).

  2. ghostlightning Says:

    Good lord that was epic. Almost makes me want to vote or something.

    But there was no love for Macross so RAEG.

  3. omisyth Says:

    This is both hilarious and awesome at the same time.

  4. omo Says:


    kind of a slow video for the song they picked though.

  5. 0rion Says:

    These SaiMoe promo videos and fanart mash-ups people put together are practically better than the competition itself, and a fun way to look back at the year that’s just gone by.

    So much screentime for Touhou in this promo – I really wonder just how popular Reimu is in comparison to the other major players.

  6. gaguri Says:

    Nice to hear that the clip proved amusing (in many ways…)

  7. kadian1364 Says:

    Oh jeez! And here I was wasting all this time on Legend of the Galactic Heroes, when obviously I should’ve been campaigning for various moe tournaments. I’ve seen the light!

  8. Flash Sword Irene Says:

    Man, when I saw the title of this I thought that this was maybe about a bunch of hot Korean chicks cosplaying in skimpy outfits. Then, when I saw the opening part of the vid, I was thinking that maybe this is a preview of who the hot girls are supposed to portray before delving into the actual material. Then, I come to find out that this is as big of a tease as the Korean Naked News scandal. Lol. XD

    But yes, more posts on your blog about hot Korean chicks cosplaying in skimpy outfits and less actual anime moe stuff would be made of complete win. However, I will make sure to not be fooled by your moe shenanigans next time. And, all your base are belong to me!

  9. gaguri Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you Flash 😦

    I don’t think I will be posting pictures of any hot Koreans, but if it pleases you I might post something about Korean films in the future =D

  10. ETERNAL Says:

    Nice! I’d say this is on par with the J-Saimoe opening.

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