Some Images from Avant-garde Ero-anime Kanashimi no Belladonna

July 10, 2009


You can find more screenshots and my thoughts on this amazing ero-anime from my previous post here.

One of the defining feature of Kanashimi no Belladonna is using a narrator to tell a story while panning these extensively long ‘scrolls’ of stills. This effectively summaries important plots with very little animation, extremely useful for a movie of, shall we say, humble budget. Although the real beauty of such narrative technique lies in how seamlessly each ‘scene’ flows into the next like river, where each drawings more or less take a form of landscape, object or background for images that are to soon follow. The experience is different from reading a picture book or viewing a slideshow in that the story-telling feels less like connecting dot to dot, but drawing that one, long, satisfying line, if you get my drift.

Click on below pictures to enlarge them. Not exactly of the highest quality, but some of you may find them relevant to your interest. You can also acquire the subbed version of this gem on Boxtorrent (other links appear to be dead).






9 Responses to “Some Images from Avant-garde Ero-anime Kanashimi no Belladonna”

  1. […] Click here to view more artwork. Scroll down the page to view the screenshot gallery. […]

  2. Sasa Says:

    I love the last picture, and it actually was the one that made me watch the film. Did you actually puzzle the pictures together yourself? O.o

  3. gaguri Says:

    Nah, that’d be insane amount of work x_X. But someone who is obsessed with the movie happened to did it, so I’m just posting it here.

    Anyway I remember you not having watched the film last time I recommended to you. Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. Kitsune Says:

    Ah, I recall watching this one a while ago. Too bad we rarely see works painted in such a way.

  5. gaguri Says:

    I suppose, in a way, it’s more appropriate to call the movie being painted than animated.

  6. chat noir Says:


    I love this anime…you’ve made a great job with these screenshots gallery!

    Many thanks.

    i’ve some few artworks in my gallery..

  7. gaguri Says:

    Hey, one of those pictures look like a piece from storyboarding. I wonder if it’s authentic.

  8. girl Says:

    Oh wonderful! I had forgotten the name to this gem since it was taken off of Crunchyroll years ago. 😮

    THANK YOU <3333

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