The scary truth behind episode 9 of Aria the Origination

April 1, 2009







  • gaguri does not own the fan artwork nor the translation.

10 Responses to “The scary truth behind episode 9 of Aria the Origination”

  1. gaguri Says:

    Hmm not sure if many people seen this, but I thought it was pretty cool. Thinking of deleting this post maybe within couple of days.

  2. muhootsaver Says:

    LOL… poor Akira. But I have to say, I never really liked her much either ^^;;

  3. Owen S Says:

    Why delete this? I found it pretty funny, considering I haven’t watched Aria yet. One of those comics that don’t require much context to understand.

  4. gaguri Says:

    I personally really like her character at deeper level (and not her tomboy personality), but yea the colour red tends to be least popular among the fans in my observation haha…

    @Owen S
    Ah well nvm then, as long as few people find it amusing ^_^

  5. OGT Says:

    So, so wrong. So, so, so wrong.

    I actually think (by the end of ORIGINATION) I liked Aika and Akira a lot more than I had before, but I think part of the reason is that Aika is so infrequently focused upon, and Akira hardly ever showed up at times.

    Still, I have the Aria Company shirt, but not the Himeya or Orange Planet (it is YELLOW not ORANGE WHY), so…

  6. gaguri Says:

    I really liked Aika from NATURAL but I don’t think I liked Akira quite as much until ORIGINATION as well. That episode of Akira and how she got the name Crimson Rose really touched me, and her relationship between Aika has been just so beautiful.

  7. Atmosphere Says:

    “then you are free to leave” lmao!

    Alice is my favourite anime character ever, this strip makes me love her that much more. Comedy cold.

  8. gaguri Says:

    This comic still makes me laugh. God bless whoever drew and translated this.

  9. Zergdramon Says:

    damn, Alice-chan sure has the guts to say those to Akira-san.

    I praise you Orange Princess.

    Hahaha Crimson Hag?

  10. Anito Says:

    Akira is my most favorite character because of her boldness and strenght. Though, I am still undecided if Akari is better because we have no idea about Akaris story. I mean, such an optimistic attitude is very very scary

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