Angel’s Egg: Scans and Screencap Gallery

March 13, 2009

angel's egg


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angel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's eggangel's egg


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12 Responses to “Angel’s Egg: Scans and Screencap Gallery”

  1. Sorrow-kun Says:

    Angel’s Egg… I have no idea what was going on, but goddamn it was beautiful.

  2. animekritik Says:

    I wikied it, coz I’ve never heard of it before. It looks very nice..

  3. Martin Says:

    What Sorrow-kun said.

    I loved the marriage of imagery and music (the soundtrack’s wonderful and the artwork is superb for its time) but as a story it didn’t really say anything to me. I’ve never really read any satisfying explanation as to what’s going on, so beyond being mesmerised at it as a work of art, I can’t really say anything complimentary about it.

    Great screenies though…thanks for sharing!

  4. gaguri Says:

    I have few ideas, although unfortunately I can’t really talk about it without sounding awefully pretentious. O well, maybe next time I’ll take the chance…

    I’m surprised you haven’t heard about this. O well, do give this a try :3

    Yep, it’s a real pleasure to the eyes and ears, although I would personally go far as saying the artwork is timeless, wheras works like Kanashimi no Belladonna hasn’t aged that well. It’s still one of the most beautiful anime.

    I have come across various comments here and there, and only one really comprehensive analysis of the symbolisms by someone with religious background. I don’t think there can be any satisfying explanation (hahaha…like that’ll happen…) for something like this, so glad to hear you at least enjoy the art of it.

  5. Sasa Says:

    I think I was 15 or something when I saw Angel’s Egg for the first time, and back then, I dropped it after perhaps 10 minutes. Even today I dislike the 80s animation style, but the scans! I have never seen them before and was surprised how beautiful they are, albeit in a weird way.

  6. Kitsune Says:

    Nice screenshots 🙂 I like Yoshitaka Amano’s art 🙂

    This anime is still sitting on my watch list after all these years… I have to see it soon 🙂

  7. gaguri Says:

    I scanned them personally, you probably won’t find them (or most of them) on net. I also can boast saying this screencap gallery is the best you’ll ever find!

    It’s only an hour long, and a must-watch for any cult anime fan :3

  8. Sasa Says:

    Ohh, I see! Those are some really nice scans there, thank you! It makes me consider giving Angel’s Egg a second try…

  9. gaguri Says:

    I have bit more, but they’re large drawings that are separated by two pages. Maybe, one day, I might be bothered to photoshop the remaining pages to look nice without all the foldings/shadings 😦

  10. Milkymagic Says:

    Nice scans, I was always a big fan of Angel’s Egg, it’s my second favorite anime movie ever for the record.

    It’s a statement about blind faith and Oshii’s commentary on religion. The symbolisms are a way of him expressing certain facets to religion that he questions. Even I question religion now and again, so I connected a lot with this production.

    Of course, I own a book on the guy, so I guess that would explain why it all makes sense to me in some way (not impossible without it, but the book really helped me appreciate the movie more than I previously did).

    Keep up the good work with your blog by the way, it’s all very interesting!

  11. gaguri Says:

    I know all too well your love for Angel’s Egg, probably more so than me :3

    We talked about this idea of blind faith, and pretty much agreeded on what the man and the girl represents (i.e. man=enlightened Oshii, girl=past innocent Oshii), but I haven’t read that book you were talking about, so chances are you have greater insight into this than I do ^_^b

    *edit: I just “acquired” the book you were talking about. Now this makes me want to write a post on Angel’s Egg ^^

  12. Dean Says:

    thank you for posting these!

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