Promoting Kemono no Souja Erin

January 25, 2009

 Kemono no Souja Erin

Some of you may already know of a fantasy anime titled Kemono no Souja Erin of winter season. I haven’t checked this out yet, and had no interest in this series until I ran into a bunch of really interesting screenshots compiled by a certain blog here. Assuming that the blogger is a really cool person and doesn’t mind a harmless person like me using it for the purpose of promoting an underlooked series (as long as I’m giving him the credit…which I am), here’s several shamelessly stolen carefully selected screenshots ^___^/

Kemono no Souja ErinKemono no Souja ErinKemono no Souja Erin

What grabbed my attention initially was the way these masonry structure seems to ‘meld’ into its surrounding landscape. Without rambling on, their choice of materials and the structure’s form highlights the harmony that exists between the nature and village people. It really shows the kind of creative efforts they’re putting into constructing this fantasy setting.

Kemono no Souja Erin

Interior is not too shabby as well.

Kemono no Souja Erin

No idea why they’re living underground like ants but it looks interesting nonetheless!

Kemono no Souja ErinKemono no Souja Erin

Also intriguing is the way they’re working with colour, form and texture in these drawings. Very pretty. Seems to be a re-telling of their legends, who knows.


and DRAGONS! You can't go wrong with DRAGONS!

Needless to say I’m very intrigued. Unlike Seirei no Moribito, this title seems to be more geared towards children. Which is not a problem for me! The artwork is obviously not rendered as detailed and polished as Seirei, but I think it’s charming in its simplicity. However, it is a long series. 50 episodes is not Legend of Galactic Heroes long, but still long.  I may catch the first epiosode, but doesn’t sound like the kind of adventure I want to follow weekly. In any case, if you’ve ran out good series to follow this season (I know most of you’ve already chosen what to follow but what the hell), why not try this! And be my guinea pig kwahwahwa mwahahaha, tell me if you like it or not later.


15 Responses to “Promoting Kemono no Souja Erin”

  1. animekritik Says:

    from what i gather, kitsune is a kind-hearted, understanding individual and those rumors of kitsune being a serial blogger killer are totally exaggerated (just kidding!). looks like a visually appealing show, that’s for sure.

  2. bateszi Says:

    I’ll be watching this, too. I do love fantasy and this seems like a perfect mix of that and a kind of innocent charm you always get with childrens animation (thinking of Avatar too). Some of these screen-caps are particularly beautiful and Seirei no Moribito was great as well. Seems like Erin has a lot going in her favour! 🙂

  3. gaguri Says:

    Let’s hope you’re right on that one *hopes I don’t get the request to take screens down

    O definitely think more on Avatar, that’s a guaranteed success :3. If not that, I think Kemono no Souja Erin may prove to be a charming fantasty piece, although it’s too early to tell at this point.

  4. Kitsune Says:

    Oh, I don’t mind 🙂 haha Animekritik is just trying to intimidate you 😛

    Erin is my favorite currently airing anime now 🙂 I enjoy slow paced slice-of-life story and wonderful art 🙂 I plan to cover all episodes.

  5. gaguri Says:

    Glad to hear the series is still going strong ^^. I’m still bit wary of it because I was left a bit disappointed by their last production with Seirei (which was great, not bad at all, just that I was expecting something lot more epic).

  6. krisku Says:

    The art is awesome, but the plot isnt too bad either =) Although it began with lighthearted episodes it got pretty emotional in some places, and now I’m looking forward to see how it develops(20+ eps already).
    Definately worth checking out.

  7. gaguri Says:

    Thanks for dropping by, I am still keeping my eye on the series, and hoping for one day to marathon it when it finishes airing!

  8. Jack Says:

    This actually turned out to be pretty good. Not enough people promoted it when it came out so I only watched it recently.

  9. gaguri Says:

    If I finally get the time, I intend to marathon this series. Kind of gay that I haven’t watched the very thing that I’ve promoted before…

  10. Flash Sword Irene Says:

    Yeah, you need to watch one of the best series from 2008-2009 since the artwork is not the only good thing about it. I do suggest showing some patience with the series since it is one of the types that reward you for sticking around until the end. At the same time the actual story itself is comprised of more then one novel and this series only covers about half (and then some) of the material, yet feels complete on it’s own. Personally, I hope that there is a second season to cover the rest even though the chances of a sequel to something like this is pretty slim. (Then again, sequels to good anime seem slim nowadays).

  11. gaguri Says:

    haha, you know I still haven’t watched aoi bungaku…but yea, Kemono is right up there just waiting to be watched. someday…some~daaayy over the rainbo..

  12. Flash Sword Irene Says:

    Yeah, you have some work to do in terms of your anime ventures. Then again, the current anime season seems to have a lot more promise then the previous ones since it might be pretty well-rounded this time. In fact, I have not signed up for as many animes in a long time so that is promising to me. That may very well be more work for you in that end too. Lol.

    On an interesting note I actually enjoyed this series more then I did Seirei no Moribito since both tales are penned by the same author. Despite the differences between the two, one style of adaptation seemed more favorable then the other oddly enough.

  13. Jack Says:

    That’s interesting, because I thought the overall story of Seirei no Moribito was less interesting then Kemono no Soura Erin.

    Yet I also felt that the production and direction of Seire was far better then Kemono.

  14. gaguri Says:

    @Flash Sword Irene

    I find it interesting that the people who shares more of my taste enjoyed Kemono more than Seirei, well, according to what they say anyway. As for my anime venture, I’m actually mid-way into Eureka 7 =D it is yet another a long series…


    I’m also expecting a better story from Kemono than Seirei, since Seirei didn’t impress me that much. I expect production to be better in Seirei than Kemono, but I sure hope direction is just as good in Kemono!

    On another note, Jack’s comment is the 1000th comment of this blog and this blog has hit over 100,000 hits. Weeeee~
    *lol like anyone cares, even i don’t care

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