Bunch of ramblings & winter season preview

January 16, 2009

yes this is very relevant

Yes the picture is very relevant

#1 Director Akitaro Daichi‘s new television series Yume wo Kanaeru Zou (The Dream-Granting Elephan) has already aired its first episode on January 13th. If the name Akitaro Daichi doesn’t ring a bell, he directed Fruits Basket, Bokura Ga Ita, and Now and Then Here and There. Enough said. Why is no one talking about this. Why isn’t it even listed at ANN database? I guess I shouldn’t be expecting subs any time soon.

#2 So I hear Crunchyroll will air the epic classic Galaxy Express 999 on weekly basis for free. Good news? That depends. As for me,

son of a-

And to make it even better,

“Thanks for everyone who stuck with us! Live-eviL is dropping Galaxy Express 999 TV effective immediately.” – Live-eviL fansub

Galaxy Express 999, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and Snow Queen were three of the classics I had my eyes on for a while. O well.

#3 I try to catch first episodes of several from each season that looks interesting. Following them is another matter. Here are what I’ve caught so far:

Kurokami: epitome of mediocrity. Not interested.

Maria+holic: Never mind the premise, I love the art direction. Shinbo is a genius. Following.

Akikan: And so tragically ends Brains Base’s 18 months streak of awesome that was Baccano!, Kure-nai and Natsume Yuujinchou. Funny first episode though (not sure how long that will last). Withheld for now.

Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou: Natsume Yuujinchou we know and love is back and I can’t possibly see this failing. Definitely following.

Ride Back: There is much hype about this that I consider unworthy. Nothing too impressive on aesthetics, just a more polished version of what you see everyday (and character designs are ugly). Have to admit though, when she jumped off the road instead of breaking, that was breath-taking. Other than that, nothing much to comment about, so stalled for now.

Genji Monogatari Sennenki Genji: noitaminA. Dezaki Osamu (Rose of Versailles, Snow Queen. etc). Sauce= The Tale of Genji. O I love it when I can say so little yet so much ^_^. Definitely going to check out the first episode, but I’m most likely going to save the whole series for later.

I also managed to watch first episode Casshern Sins. No idea what the hell’s going on, but that’s always good. And the visuals are stunning.


11 Responses to “Bunch of ramblings & winter season preview”

  1. Kim Says:

    I haven’t watched Genji yet (waiting for subs) but I saw some screencaps and they looked stunning. So I think that and Zoku Natsume are the only new series I will be watching. I don’t want to watch too much this season.

  2. animekritik Says:

    That whole Galaxy Express 999 business has got me quite irked, considering I was blogging the show and I’m far, far from the US/Canada region. I just downloaded Leiji’s Endless Road SSX (22 episodes) in one batch torrent so they won’t get me next time. Problem is, it’s all RAWs, so I guess I’ll buy extra Tylenol and get on with it…

  3. usagijen Says:

    I’m surprised I found Akikan amusing. It’s really stupid, and I find it unforgivable that I’m laughing at and with it as I watch, I’m supposed to abhor it! lol.

    You’re probably the first ‘RideBack curmudgeon’ I’ve seen, since all the other bloggers give nothing else but praises to it, and I might just join in the chorus XD

    I’m definitely following Tale of Genji. Looking forward to your posts on that! ^__^

  4. Nice to see you finally picked up Casshern. I remember trying to sell it to you awhile back on either AA or MAL, and my opinion of it still hasn’t changed. You may think it to be hyperbole, but the show really does just keep churning out one masterpiece episode after another. It has a bit of a ‘Kino’-feel to it, too.

    And yeah, the character designs in Ride Back are a bit of an eye sore. I think it’s mostly the hair style though…Rin has that disheveled, crazy cat-lady hair, while her friend has the most retarded set of pig-tails I’ve seen. It’s like two redbull cans jutting out of the side of her head. But whatever, I still think it was a damn good first episode.

  5. ZNY and Ride Back are on my list at the moment, but I want to finish off one or two shows before starting any new ones. I think I bit off more than I could chew.

    I’ll watch the first ep of Akikan, just to witness the lameness of the premise for myself but in all probability I’ll drop it; if I want harem done well I can always re-read Love Hina!

  6. gaguri Says:

    I remember you promoting Hetalia quite a while ago as a stupid fun show. I’m guessing you decided to give it a pass for ZNY and Genji ^^

    It’s not as bad for me because I haven’t started watching it, but I can imagine what it is like for someone who is in the middle of blogging something so awesome. O well, hope you find another muse soon…

    You won’t hear me talking about Genji anytime soon, seeing how I don’t intend to follow it on weekly basis. I will however suggest keeping an eye on Iwa ni Hana blog, since the highly sophisticated blogger there will most likely be providing insightful commentaries on it at some point.

    Yea I wouldn’t say first episode was bad per se, just that I don’t think it did (nor will) live up to the hype. But that’s mainly to do with my preference. I usually prefer the unusual (even if a bit flawed) over polished package of what I’ve seen before.

    Do watch the first episode, it’s quite funny, though I don’t think that will last too long. As for my guilty pleasure, Maria Holic fits the bill perfectly.

    I also wanted to ramble on the current Hetalia fiasco but decided not to. Some things are just sad and this is the kind of stuff that I try to avoid and pretend the world is a happy place. All I ask is for more forgiving and understanding, as it is easy to manipulate the masses no matter what country, and it is that kind of blind hatred and refusal to understand each other that’s dividing us.

    —–> something that might be interesting. This person, unlike me, has been trying to bridge the gap on both foreign and Korean message boards.
    *oops his post got deleted -__-

  7. Kim Says:

    Well Hetalia is not much of a commitment since the episodes are only 5 mins long so I didn’t even count that. But with the whole controversy/TV cancellation thing I am not 100% sure if I will watch it.

  8. Sasa Says:

    Oh, wontaek, I really love what he writes. But aside from that, I would actually have been interested in your opinion on the matter, no matter how sad!

    Anyways, my opinions on the new season seem to totally differ from yours:
    – I don’t think Genji looks that great, but I will still watch it since it’s Genji,
    – I love Rideback to pieces, but the manga even more so than the anime.
    – There are quite a lot of shows that I watch this season (in no particular order): Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Rideback, Genji, Hajime no Ippo, Kurokami, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Maria+Holic and Minamike Okaeri. And I’m waiting for Hetalia and Erin.

  9. gaguri Says:

    That’s pretty much how I feel as well.

    My take is similar to wontaek really. It is sad when a harmless cartoon (from what I hear from people who actually knows the material) is being used by politicans for their gains. Even more sad is when people are ignorant enough to be so easily exploited by it. These are points that wontaek tried to address on Korean anime boards, that if you want other countries to take you seriously, then first learn to distinguish what is fact and what is not, before letting our emotions get the better of ourselves. But we must ask where all this blind hate comes from, and as wontaek mentioned before, Japan didn’t do a good job convincing Korea and China of their ‘apology’. I think there are ways for Japan to earn more acceptance and respect from Koreans and Chinese, but my observation is that many Japanese don’t find it necessary, and instead feel that we are shallow for dwelling so much in the past. So yea…we’re back again with the endless cycle of hate -__-

    Anyway, you do have quite interesting stuffs that I’m not watching! Marimite, Minami-ke, Hajime no Ippo I’m not watching because they’re sequels of series I haven’t seen yet. Erin I’m approaching with bit of a caution because of Production I.G., a studio that I think is a tad overrated.

  10. ori Says:

    akitaro daichi i need your email so i can contact you. anyways me my friends and millions of other people would like it if you finish the series of fruits baskets. ive read so many coments on line on how you should make a season 2. (fruit baskets #1 fan) Please make a season 2!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kamakana Says:

    I agree, Ori. There MUST be more Fruits Basket! I won’t give up, MUST FIND AKITARO’S EMAIL!!! If you find it please let me know my email is: teenactivist@gmail.com

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